Basing is a very important part of your miniature, it boosts the overall appearance and coherency of your army. They can be mixed and tailored from unit to unit to fit your project. It adds a narrative, do you want your army to be from a desert planet, are they urban fighters or do you want them to match your home field table mat? I will work with you to find the right base to tell a story.

Assembly and cleaning

Wargame Miniature Figurine Painting Service

You can expect a smooth finish on all models, you will not find any patchy uneven coats of primer showing through in hard to reach areas. All edges will be highlighted, along with all lenses, screens and other small details fully painted and highlighted to a professional standard with any necessary point of light sourcing if required. Any bare faces will be complete with highlights and shading, along with other painted details such as eyes and teeth whenever required. This is my minimum standard for painting all models. Building up from this I can use more advanced techniques such as glazing and blending or add battle damage and weathering.

My Wargame Miniature Painting Service


Warhammer is the most popular tabletop miniature strategy game, but no matter which game you're into, I can expertly paint the figurines for you. Painting an army of these little figurines requires a lot of patience and attention to detail — two traits that I have in abundance.

​I understand that your life may be so busy that you cannot take the time to paint these figurines yourself, but you should still be able to enjoy a completed legion of your favorite troops.

When you hire me to paint your wargame miniatures, you can rest assured that you are receiving only the highest possible quality paint and service. I will professionally paint each of your figurines just the way you want them, so you can have your own unique army.


If you love tabletop wargames that include miniature figurines, but you don’t like to go through the hassle of painting them yourself, leave the work to a professional who does. I am passionate about painting figurines, so if you want a wargame miniature figurine painting service that you can rely on, you can count on me.


Not all my clients want to do a whole army at once, or want to add new units that have recently been released, or there budget only allows for one unit a month. Whatever the case, it is not a problem. I make detailed notes and my technique allows me to reproduce a consistent high quality painting, matching the colors no matter how long it has been since I last painted for you. Even if it has been over a year!

You can expect all mold lines and sprue joints to be smoothed and cleaned to allow the paint to be unblemished and priced economically.

Of course you have the option of assembling and cleaning yourself before sending to me. I will do a quick check on each models once I get them to make sure they meet my standards

The same amount of pride and care I take painting your project I also take to make sure your art work arrive to you safe and sound. I wrap each individual model in bubble wrap and pack securely.

Return shipping is free!

When shipping to me make sure all edges of the box are sealed, incase of any breakage small bits can not get lost, I can repair anything that is needed.